Apple Pay Casinos 2021 overview

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Apple Pay is a newfangled payment service from the Apple company for Apple users. Apple Pay has been available since October 20, 2014 and allows users of an Apple device in retail stores to make convenient payments for goods and services with an integrated NFC chip.

Both Apple Pay and Apple Cash are payment services from the Apple company, designed for Apple users. The services are integrated with the standard News app: customers can send and receive money such as text messages without the need for additional downloads. But there is a small hack with the Apple Pay as well as the Apple Cash, which could become a big problem for users who want to make payments using the newfangled payment service. The Services can only be used in a limited number of countries.

To ensure data security and protection of money transfers, Apple uses a method called tokenization, which prevents card numbers from being sent without being confirmed. For added security and protection, use Touch ID or Face ID on compatible iPhones and continuous skin contact on Apple Watch.

Key features of the banking option for Apple users include NFC integration, Touch ID either face ID for added security and protection of customers, continuous skin contact for the Apple Watch, and acceptance in millions of locations across the United States.

Make a deposit with Apple Pay at the best Canadian casino and play with a lot of fun. More info for Apple users can be found further down in this informative article briefly and clearly summarized. You will also learn which casino is considered the best Apple Pay casino of 2021.

Best Apple Pay Online Casinos 2021


Apple Pay Casinos 2021 overview
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Apple Pay Casinos 2021 overview
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Create an Apple Pay account

Apple Pay can be used on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac computers. In the modern Apple devices, the Apple Pay is already installed. Ready? Found? Then there are only a few steps left before you can use the application for payments in an online casino with Apple Pay. Don't worry, we'll help you create an account to conveniently make payments at an Apple Pay casino.

After installing version iOS 8.1 or later, Apple Pay can be set up. By tapping on the plus symbol in the wallet you can easily link Apple Pay with credit or debit card (use the card that is already stored on iTunes).

Checking the credit and debit cards only takes a few seconds. However, some cards require a call, app download, or email sent to be verified before being added to Apple Pay. If the respective credit or debit card

has been checked, it is immediately available for in-store purchases as well as internet shopping. Up to eight cards can be registered with Apple Pay.

It couldn't be easier. After creating the Apple Pay account, you can start testing lucrative gambling at the online casinos of your choice.

Payments at Apple Pay Online Casinos

Have you become curious? Are you interested in the Apple Pay payments and their biggest pros and cons for players at trusted online casinos on the Internet? Be sure to stick with it. We have summarized the most important things on the topic here.

Are there any special bonuses for Apple users? Are the deposits and withdrawals made in online casinos with Apple devices guaranteed to be encrypted? Make yourself smart. Honest answers to these and other important questions can be found in this small article.

Deposits with Apple Pay at online casinos

Apple Pay Casinos 2021 overview

The multitude of gamblers choose Apple Pay to make deposits and withdrawals conveniently, quickly and guaranteed securely, without worrying about their personal and financial data being stolen and misused by hackers. In addition, the Apple Pay is extremely simple in use – even newcomers can adjust independently in a few minutes.

Depositing money with Apple Pay wallet explained step-by-step:

  1. Choose a reputable online casino. Pay attention to criteria such as gambling license, wide bonus and game portfolio, banking options, compatibility and support.
  2. Log in (name and email address are usually requested).
  3. Go to the cashier of the respective online casino, select Apple Pay as the preferred payment option, determine the sum of the amount of money you want to deposit, confirm the transfer with Touch ID or Face ID and wait for the transferred money to be credited.
  4. Enjoy playing!

Withdrawals with Apple Pay in online casinos

The multitude of gamblers who play for money online also expect to make big money profits, because the outrageous payouts are, after all, the main goal of the majority of players. This is precisely why it is extremely important to use user-friendly banking options.

Unfortunately, Apple Pay is not suitable for withdrawing costs from the account in gaming libraries. If you have won a game, you will unfortunately not be able to withdraw it using Apple Pay, so we advise you to find an alternative that will be accepted at the casino.

Common payment methods include direct bank and instant transfers, of course credit and debit cards from Visa and MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafe, Trustly, ecoPayz, Giropay, the PayPal system, as well as wallets for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Such payment methods as Neteller, Skrill and the PayPal system enjoy great popularity today because they are convenient, offer fast processing times and encrypt the data of registered users in the best possible way with the state-of-the-art technologies.

We would not recommend the bank or sofortüberweisung. These service providers make Gambler wait several days for the money transfer made to be credited. Electronic wallets are a lot better. These services are the unbeatable favorites of players around the world, especially PayPal.

Apple Pay vs. other payment systems

Payment Service Account Dues Deposits Withdrawals**
Apple Pay Required Right away
Paysafecard Not required Right away
PayPal Required Right away 2-12 pcs.
Skrill Required Right away 5-24 pcs.
Neteller Required 2,5%* Right away 5-24 pcs.
Credit cards Required Subscription Fees Right away 12-48 pcs.
Sofortüberweisung Required <5 Min.
Giropay Not required <5 Min.
EcoPayz Required Right away Right away

* for receiving payments ** Your withdrawal will be
processed by the online casino within a few working days

Is there a special bonus?

The bonuses in casinos are an effective marketing tool that is used by the providers to win gamblers for themselves and get them to play. However, generous bonuses are profitable for both operators and players. The most popular bonus types include new customer bonuses, online casino sign-up bonuses without deposit, free spins as well as loyalty programs for high rollers. But that's not all, because there are numerous other bonus types for new and loyal customers.

Did you know that you can be generously rewarded just for using Apple Pay to deposit? Isn't this a great reason to make any deposits with Apple Pay?

Security for Apple Pay users

Apple Pay Casinos 2021 overview

The Apple company places great emphasis on security when promoting Apple Pay to reassure iPhone and iPad owners that their personal information is safe, more secure than in their own wallet. According to former manager Tom Noyes, Apple Pay is undoubtedly the most secure payment system in the world due to its special functioning.

When credit or debit cards are scanned for use with the convenient e-wallet, a unique device account number or token is automatically assigned and stored. Thus, the card information never has to be disclosed again.

In addition to device account numbers and dynamic security codes, Apple also authenticates money transfers made via Touch ID or Face ID on iPhone X. When money transactions are processed, either a finger must be placed on touch ID or a face scan must be performed with Face ID. With Apple Watch, authentication is done through skin contact. Once skin contact is lost, Apple Watch can no longer be used for payments.

With Apple Pay, your money transfers are protected in the best possible way. Apple Pay does not store any personal data about the transaction that can be traced back to the customer.

Features of the Apple Pay system

Be sure to stick with it. Our team of experts took the time to find more information about Apple Pay to save you the hours of research, and has briefly and clearly summarized key nuances later in this informative article.

Make yourself smart. Learn more about Apple Pay: the availability, support, and additional fees, alternatives, and key pros and cons.


Apple Pay is not a traditional e-wallet like Skrill, Neteller or perhaps PayPal that can work with a set of currencies, be it the euro, the US dollar or Bitcoin. This payment system acts as the intermediary between the user's credit or debit card and the store (whether stationary or not).

Apple Pay may be available to customers from banks in the following countries: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Denmark, Finland, France, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Monaco, Norway, Poland, Russia, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Brazil, United Arab Emirates.

Apple Pay Customer Service

Need more detail on depositing and withdrawing funds with Apple Pay? Don't understand how credit and debit cards are linked to Apple Pay? You can get the answers to these and other important questions from the customer service team at any time. The customer service staff will be happy to help you with words and deeds.

Customer service from the Apple company fully supports the Apple Pay interface. The design and interface of the website is extremely user-friendly and the support is professional, helpful and friendly. The answers to the questions asked cannot be waited too long. And the friendly experts can be contacted daily around the clock.

Apple Pay fees for casino payments

The Apple Pay system is a completely free e-payment method. This means that you don't have to pay a fee to make your deposits and withdrawals using the Apple Pay payment system as an e-payment method. Fortunately, this saves additional expenses. It doesn't get any better than that.

The game libraries where Apple Pay is accepted also do not charge a special fee. So if you want to play in a casino where you can use Apple Pay, we recommend that you leave aside any worries about special expenses. Keep in mind that the electronic wallet can only act as an intermediary. This means that you are not exempt from standard bank charges.

Apple Pay alternatives in casinos

Among the best alternatives from the Apple Pay service are the electronic wallets Neteller, Skrill and PayPal. These payment services enjoy popularity all over the world, especially among gambling gamblers. The Apple Pay service differs from the digital wallets by acceptance – Neteller, Skrill and PayPal are more common at the moment. These services are older and have a much larger customer base around the world. Besides, you can withdraw money at Trustly online casinos.

The Neteller and Skrill e-wallets can be found in almost every online casino. They allow convenient, fast and guaranteed secure deposits and withdrawals, no matter how large the sum of the amount of money may be. With PayPal, it looks different in most online casinos. The company has very strict requirements for partners, as safety and protection are and will be the top priority.

Apple Pay Casinos 2021 overview

Another common alternative is direct bank transfer. This is a very traditional payment method, which is why it is still used by a large number of gamblers. However, the bank transfer has numerous weaknesses. The means of payment is slow – processing and confirming a payment sometimes takes 5 working days.

Do you feel the desire to be able to make your deposits and withdrawals on the go? Do you prefer to deposit and withdraw conveniently, quickly and securely? Don't waste your time on inferior methods. Opt for high-quality funds such as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and, of course, Apple Pay.

Advantages of Apple Pay in online casinos

What are the arguments for opting for Apple Pay money transfers? What are the strengths of Apple's popular payment method from traditional methods such as bank or instant transfer, Neteler, Skrill or PayPal? Be sure to stick with it. We have dealt with the topic in more detail.

Apple Pay in Online Casinos: Pro
  • Easy to use
  • No fees for players
  • Fast transactions
  • High safety standard

The advantages of Apple Pay payments for gamblers in online casinos:

  • The simplicity. The Apple Pay system works like ordinary payment systems: go to the checkout, select the banking option, determine the amount of money, confirm the transfer and wait for the transferred money to be credited.
  • No fees. Online casinos that accept Apple Pay do not charge any additional fees for transactions.
  • The speed. Amounts deposited with Apple Pay are immediately available on the personal account in an online casino.
  • The security. There are several key points that make Apple Pay secure: personal credit card details remain private, using authentication with Touch ID or Face ID prevents theft even if the iPhone or iPad is lost, each transfer has its own encryption – all transactions at the top Apple Pay online casino are encrypted separately in the best possible way.

Disadvantages of Apple Pay in online casinos

What are the arguments against opting for Apple Pay transactions? What weaknesses distinguish Apple's popular payment method from traditional means such as Visa or MasterCard cards, ecoPayz, Giropay or Paysafecard? Make yourself smart. Our team took the trouble to summarize all the weaknesses of the popular banking option briefly and clearly.

Apple Pay in Online Casinos: Cons
  • Apple device required 🙂
  • Fees possible in some online casinos
  • Not accepted at all casinos
  • No withdrawals possible

The disadvantages of Apple Pay payments for players in online casinos:

  • The need for current Apple devices. To use the Apple Pay system, a more up-to-date Apple device, i.e. iPhone or iPad, with a new version of the iOS is absolutely necessary, which could become a significant problem for Apple fans.
  • Possible fees in some online casinos.
  • Limited Apple Pay availability. There are only a few online casinos where the Apple Pay service is accepted. However, there are alternatives that can mostly be used in online casinos, including bank transfer and Sofortüberweisung, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, Trustly, ecoPayz, Giropay and PayPal.
  • No Apple Pay payouts. The main disadvantage of the Apple Pay service is that it cannot allow costs to be withdrawn to the account. This is a reason to look for an alternative.

Apple Pay in Casinos: Summary

Do you feel the urge to risk real money to try your luck? Do you have a desire to spin the drums of a rousing one-armed bandit or collect a winning hand of cards in the game of poker or baccarat? Sign up, grab a generous new customer bonus, decide on a game and get started. Please keep in mind, however, that deposits and withdrawals should be made conveniently, quickly and guaranteed securely.

What are you waiting for? A lucky man from Memmingen won a fat million in the lottery, have you heard of it?

The Apple Pay payment system is now hugely popular among iPhone and iPad followers. This payment method is easy to use, completely free, offers lightning-fast processing and security of transfers. The Apple Pay service is so popular for a reason. The main disadvantage of this means of payment is that it does not allow you to withdraw costs from the account.

Don't wait any longer. Take the chance to grab a generous bonus, enjoy rousing games from the leading providers and clear them if you can demonstrate discipline, patience, attention and real skill.


  • 1️ ⃣ Are withdrawals possible on Apple Pay?
    The Apple Pay payment system only works in one direction in online casinos. You can conveniently deposit at an iPad or iPhone casino, but withdrawing is not possible.
  • 2️ ⃣ Are there any set limits for Apple Pay?
    The Apple Pay payment system does not have set limits, but the limits can be set by the online casino where you registered.
  • 3️ ⃣ Can I use Apple Pay on an Android device at an online casino?
    Unfortunately not. The Apple Pay system is adapted to the iOS operating system on iPhone or iPad. There is no application for the Android operating system. As an alternative, however, Google Pay is available.
  • 4️ ⃣ Can Apple Pay be used in mobile online casinos?
    Of course, yes. It doesn't matter if Mac, iPhone, iPad or the Apple Watch, the application works on all devices. You don't have to feel like you're tied to the desktop. Convenient payments can be made anywhere and anytime. At Slot Machine Casinos you can find out which online casinos accept Apple Pay.


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